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Interview - Steve Jebson, Business Coach

May 14, 2021

When I first met Steve Jebson, Business Doctor, I have to say it was a breath of fresh air. Here was a Business Coach who was down to earth, made things easy to understand for his clients and what's more is literally a treasure trove of information.

Over the years I have met many Business coaches and personally found them too pushy and focusing on the negative - not Steve.

So when Steve agreed to this interview, I really wanted to get answers to those questions the many business owners wanted to know.

In this interview, I ask the questions:

  • In your experience, what has been some of the biggest challenges for businesses during the pandemic?
  • What tips or advice would you give to someone who is looking to take on a business coach such as yourself?
  • What (in your opinion) do you consider to be the biggest mistake most business owners make today?
  • Can you explain what the Kickstarter programme is and how businesses can get involved?

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