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Interview - Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO at

March 20, 2020

From self-confessed Uber driver to City Gala Ambassador who works with high-end business people and Holywood celebrities, Lydie Livolsi is also an inventor and entrepreneur unlike any you would have met.

Her drive and passion around ALL her work and projects is key to her success in helping to drive multi-million dollar business into the USA from around the World.

In this interview not only does she give us a sneak preview into her business and how she ensures success in everything she does but she also shares why social media is important for EVERY business owner who is looking to succeed, grow and even survive in today's market.

If you listen to no other podcast, then you really do not want to miss this one. This lady has all the attributes that we need for business success and she shares them with us in this frank interview.

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