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Get in touch via TEL

April 29, 2020

There are so many different ways for people to get in touch with you these days, and so many new great ideas coming out, but there are some that simply seem to have not taken off and in the case of TEL, personally, I just very surprised that not more people are using this simple but very effective online tool.

Tel or dot TEL is a domain name which you can purchase for around $10 (got mine from namescheap) and comes with its own hosting solution that allows you to quickly produce and create your very own online digital business card/business directory for your business.

To start with you can manage the content (which is created by completing form fields) very quickly and easily from any web browser or mobile application. This means if you change your details, website, phone or even your business, you can make these changes on the fly. Simply complete the required area on the site and click save and it’s all done – take a look at mine

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